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Frenchs World


抓住你的羊角面包,让你的胡子准备这个新的冒险在整个52娱乐水平。法国的世界是一个经典的平台游戏,结合了现代化的可玩性老同学玩游戏。奔波3个不同的世界和几种方案,并收集尽可能多的硬币,你可以。避免敌人,努力完成每一个级别的时间。 下载法国的世界吧!这是一个有趣的游戏给大家。试试吧,享受! 产品特点:
- 强力牛角聚会! - 3的世界。 - 78水平的难度加大。 - 不同的敌人要面对。 - 很多法棍! - 经典平台游戏的风格。

Grab your croissant and get your moustache ready for this new adventure throughout 52 entertaining levels. French’s World is a classic platform game that combines old school game play with modern playability. Run around 3 different worlds and several kind of scenarios and gather as many coins as you can. Avoid enemies and try to complete every level in time. Download French’s World now! It’s a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!
- Mighty Croissant Gathering!- 3 worlds.- 78 levels of increasing difficulty.- Different enemies to face.- Lots of Baguettes!- Classic platform game style.